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david frain portrait

Hi, I’m a photographer working on a wide variety of photographic services, including wedding’s, actor head shots, fashion, casual, lifestyle, swimwear, family portraits and so on. I’m doing this out of a lifelong love for photography, a profound appreciation of the ‘feminine mystique’ and a quest for personal and artistic growth. I don’t go for routine poses, and the aim is for each shoot to be unique. I’m really laid back and try to have fun working with all my clients. If it isn’t fun why on earth are we doing it?

I don’t have a big ego to deal with. I have a quick turnaround on images, and I am all about getting the best image when I shoot. I look forward to working with some highly creative individuals. I’m willing to work with you on any ideas that you may have, I like to collaborate with M.U.A.’s, hair stylists and models on the fashion side of things. If you’re interested in booking a any of my services please contact me… my rates are reasonable… Just ask about them…

David Frain

If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it’s as though I’ve neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up. ~ Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989)